How Can I Wire a Shed or Small Building To My House’s Breaker Box?

Are you building a shed or getting your hands on a small building to use for storage, as a man-cave, a she-shed, or something else entirely? Whatever you’re planning to use your new shed or small building for, you’re probably going to need to wire it for electricity so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

With some study on the subject and making sure to keep safety at the top of your mind, you can learn how to wire your building to your home’s breaker box so it can have power.

Wire it Up

Usually, you’ll end up needing to dig a trench in order to easily lay the wiring underground. Consider where you’re going to place the subpanel in the new building to ensure the wires will reach properly. You will also need to consider the amperage you will need, which is usually about 60 amps for a subpanel.

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Make sure your main power is disconnected, open up your breaker box, and identify where the subpanel is going to be. Once you find the location, attach the subpanel and run the wiring from the subpanel to the breaker box. Connect the red and black wires to the panel, and attach the cover over the subpanel.

All that’s left is to install a circuit breaker to the main breaker box’s wiring. Connect the red and black wires to the ends of the breaker, white wire to the bus strip, and then make sure screws are tightly in place to keep the wires held.

When done, simply reattach the cover to the breaker box. You can then test the amperage with a voltage meter if you’d like, to make sure everything is wired up properly.

Sound Confusing?

If you have done any wiring jobs before, this should be a fairly straightforward process for you. If you are not too comfortable with messing around with electricity and breaker boxes, you can always get in touch with electrical contractors la crosse to wire up your new building for you, without you even needing to lift a finger.