What Gear Will I Need For a DIY Drywall Repair Job?

Has your drywall begun to show signs of its age? Are you beginning to notice little holes or dents in your drywall that you don’t remember seeing there before? These are some of the telltale signs that it might be time to plan a repair and get your drywall back in tip-top shape.

What should you do? If you prefer the “hands-off” approach, all you need to do is contact your local drywall repair wichita team to handle the job so you don’t have to. If you have the spare time, the desire to learn, and the right gear, you can opt for the DIY method, save some money, and take care of it on your own.

What tools should be on your shopping list to properly take care of your drywall repair? Let’s take a further look:

1. Spackle or joint compound

These are two of the essential things you’ll need for sealing any holes in your drywall. If you are dealing with a larger hole, crack, or dent, then you will need to look for joint compound. However, if the holes in your drywall are smaller, you can fill them just fine with spackle, which is made just for this task.

2. Sandpaper

Before you can make your drywall look great again after repairing, you’re going to need to sand it down to make sure it is free of dirt and debris.

3. Mud pan

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A “mud pan” is used to easily transport your drywall or joint compound with you as you handle your repair job. It’s a great solution for DIYers who only plan to handle the occasional drywall fix.

You Can Do It!

Don’t think you can’t handle your drywall repair yourself if you’d like to give it a shot and learn more about how the repair process works. Not only will you learn a thing or two, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment when the job is done.