Your Craziest Tick Questions Answered

Most people ask normal questions about ticks. You know, like do they carry disease? Or, how can   I protect myself against ticks? But, there are always those rather odd questions that people ask and we’re here to answer those odd questions. While it may seem a bit strange to you, someone out there needs this information!

Question: Where do Ticks Live?

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Ticks live in tall grass, bushes, trees, and other leafy areas. It is easy for them to hide in such locations without being spotted. Keep your grass cut to minimize ticks inviting themselves over to your house. You should also take measures to stay safe when hiking or outdoors in wooded areas.

Question: Do Tick Bites Hurt?

You might suspect that tick bite would hurt. It is a bite and most pest bites do hurt. Tick bites do not hurt. In fact, most people don’t feel the bite whatsoever. That is the tick’s secret weapons to enjoying a blood meal without interruption from the host. Don’t worry about a tick bite hurting, but instead how easy ticks hide because it is not.

Question: Where do Ticks Lay Eggs?

A tick will lay eggs anywhere inside of a home, so beware if you suspect a tick problem. Be sure to get help immediately from a professional offering tick control gainesville.  They know the right procedures for the problem. Check for eggs around window sills, baseboards, and other similar areas.

Question: How Long do Ticks Live?

The length of time that a tick lives varies from one species to the next and based on many other factors. Some ticks, like the dog tick, can live for as long as two years without a host! That is quite a long time without a meal, but ticks surpass expectations.